CNC Machining Services

Samples Required For Special Machining
  • Hinge Prep
  • Strike Prep (Mortise, ASA, Deadbolt)
  • Precision End Trimming
  • Roller Catch Prep
  • Flush Bolt Strike
  • Machining Templates Provided

Custom Grooving of Wood and Fibreglass Doors

  • CNC Grooving for Projects
  • Subject to Project Specification Approval
  • CAD Drawings Available
  • Designed to complement Lynden Door FineLine interior doors

Priming & Staining

  • Factory Priming All Sides
  • Clear Finish
  • Stain Finish (Color Matching Available)
  • Custom Colors
  • Durable Finishes
Painted Jamb
LDI VanAir office wall commercial