Specialty Hardwood Jambs


Now available through Victory Millwork, LLC. For more information on the specialty hardwood jambs, please click here.

Wood Species

Additional wood species, including VG Hemlock, and millwork profiles are available upon request. 

Please contact us for more information.

  • Rubber Stamp – Unmachined
  • Metal Label – Machined
  • Minimum 3-½” Jamb Width
  • Nominal 2-1/8” or 1-3/4” Rabbet (Check Smoke Seal)
  • Shop Drawings For Projects
LDC SP Hardwood Jambs

Premium Engineered Construction

  • Solid Wood Exposed Faces
  • Mill Option Core
  • Edge Glue Lines allowed over 5”
  • Non-standard Sizes available
  • Type 2 Water Resistant Glue

Profile Options

  • Double Rabbeted Combo Jambs
  • Single Rabbeted Jambs – No Kerf
  • Single Rabbeted Jambs c/w Kerf
  • Flat Jambs
  • Mull Posts
  • Astragals
  • Transom Panels
  • Casings
  • S4S (Solid or Veneered)
  • Brickmould